Thank you for your inquiry regarding your application status with Local 720.

  • Thank you for your inquiry regarding your application status with Local 720.
    • Should they approve you to move forward, you will receive an email granting you access to our 3-day Orientation class.
    • If you have NOT received this email, you have NOT been approved to move forward.

Please do not contact the front office to get into the class, they are unable to assist with this request.

  • While you are waiting for approval, you are still eligible for dispatch.
    • As an applicant on our Over Hire List, you are eligible for dispatch only when the Hall receives a call where we exhaust our current membership, meaning we are unable to fill all positions with our current members and referents.
    • The computer controlled system will then filter out the most qualified candidates by the skill sets listed on the applications. Therefore, please make sure your skill sets are current and filled out completely.
    • If you have no skill sets listed, you will not be called out for dispatch.

Please note:

  • It is important that your electronic application be a good representation of who you are. While a computer is responsible for dispatching you, the Training Exam Committee is a group of individuals who only know the information you have given them in your application. There are currently over 3600 people on the same list as you. It is to your benefit that you take the time to complete your application. We understand you are unable to upload a resume, but you can copy and paste it into the "Training in Entertainment" tab.

As noted above, please understand the administrative office has no control over the application process and is unable to assist with any additional questions not answered above.